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Showbiz FiascoMosquito Cabaret
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"Intoxicating blend of klezmer, Balkan folk, & Finnish humppa that will make you want to form an impromptu circle & dance the hora"
~ Big Take Over Magazine

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"The baroque folk of Mosquito Cabaret is irresistible! It’s impossible to sit still while listening"~ NPR

Showbiz Fiasco is the first in a series of upcoming singles to be dropped sporadically over the course of the next year; scheduled to be released on Friday December 30th by Norfolk, Virginia's rowdy folk ensemble Mosquito Cabaret. 

This group of bloodsuckers sound is born & bred from the wave of folk bands that exploded around the new millennium; featuring shared instrumentation & similar melodic elements that are likely to appeal to fans of: Gogol Bordello, Beirut, Flogging Molly, Russkaja, the Decemberists, & Slavic Soul Party! 

While also independently released-- their previous full-length debut The Modern Life Of Insects (2019) provided a healthy first serving of their bouncy batch of tunes; this time around, Mosquito Cabaret has teamed up with legendary audio engineer Rob Ulsh (whose work has ranged from world renowned jazz pianist Justin Kauflin to Grammy Award Winning rapper Missy Elliot) at Virginia Beach's Master Sound Studios to expand their exotic sound with a polished new fervor that showcases arguably their most addictively catchy material yet! 


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